Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shhs Don't Tell TJ - Tribute by Carl's Fine Films

There is a Whole Paycheck store and a Trader Joe's near me. Now I do like some parts of Whole Paycheck aka Whole Foods. It is a big store. It has lots and lots of food. Lots of very expensive food. Some of it tasty. If I can get out of there with 5 or more items under $20 it is a good day. I stop in about once every three months or so.

Then there is Trader Joe's. Two Buck Chuck (for the time being, there are rumors) Indian food in a box for $1.99 and that cool Greek Yogurt with the Honey (not the store brand,sorry TJ).

Anyway, why type the praises when you can watch the video, not mine because TJ does not allow cameras in the store. Not that it would stop me if I was so inclined.

No rules were broken because the unauthorized but inspirational commercial was shot on Palm Treo, which is a PDA and a cell phone and might have other stuff on it. I don't know.

Dear retail store managers, Sometimes your customers really like your store. Sometimes we tell others that we really like your store. I know that you have been burned by TV news crews in the past. I also know that if someone records something that should not be sold for consumption then attention must be paid. Fair is fair.

Anyway, if you could ease up on being freaked out if you see a camera/camcorder in the store us creative types would really appreciate it. You might get a nice tribute video like this one. Target has some cookies on it shelf that rock and I'd endorse those suckers in a heartbeat. Not naming names because this is about TJ and not Target.

Yo, TJ could you please stock up on cases of Blood Orange soda? Oh, and bring back that non-alcoholic Ginger Beer? That was the best ginger ale I ever had and it has been long gone from the shelf.

Hey, almost forgot. You had a Lamb Mediterranean meal for that was the bomb. It seems to have been replaced by the non-meat Mediterranean which is still cool and I'll eat it but the Lamb one was very tasty. I know times are tight. I'm noticing some changes in the pot stickers but all in all no complaints.

Ok, some of your customers have got to learn how to drive in the parking lot but that is not your fault. Anyway keep the Basil coming and I'll be in soon.

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