Thursday, March 19, 2009

Open Video Conference - NYC June 19-20

As we prepare to step into our futures you should know that folks are working on ways to make creating video content easier, open and accessible. I have to tell you that DTV ain't doing it for me. Every time I give it a try I have 60 channels of infomercials and weather.

Bah! Collectively we can and have made better content.

Now there are multiple approaches to this from the technology itself, not using commercial/licensed software, the ability to share across video platforms (DV, computer video formats, operating systems, cell phone video and yadda, yadda yad-da.) and devising ways to make the process easier for the average creator.

If any of this is ringing your chimes check out the video by Jay and Ryanne:

Some day it will be as easy as opening and closing a refrigerator door. Until that time people are talking, thinking and creating tools and systems to move closer to that day.

For more information about the conference you can visit

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