Friday, March 20, 2009

Float On on the Finally Friday Freakout

Ah, yeah… the jam of jams; the one that get the arm wiggles woggles to sway in time with the music. It has been a week of anger both symbolic and justified. Then again I see the positive that whole sections of the country did not take to the streets but make their collective distaste known. This is a good thing. AIG and Congress knows we are beyond pissed.

Other corporation are starting to decline government bail out money. Not enough to count but it is a start. I’m ticked that I couldn’t see the Prez but I couldn’t get behind the Orange Curtain and I didn’t know where in L.A. he was gonna speak so, hey another day, another AIG dollar.

The weekend is in sight. We have to let it go. Put the anger aside; it will be stinking fresh on Monday when the new outrage will occur. Or not. So I had to find something that I could dance to sitting in the chair or on my feet.

I present to you The Floaters and their timeless classic, Float On

I loved this song because there were choices. I am not for the dude that wants his woman quiet. Forget him and moving on to candidate #2, #3 and #4. And although it is the short version it does take the sting out of a tiresome week when women are disrespecting other women in order to gain national prominence. It is one of sadness that a moment in time can change or end your life.

Seems I have have the need for one more golden dusty. Let me see, ah yes, this will do. Couple lads that used to hang out around Broad & Columbia for a bit of time. A dandy tune Rich Girl that could be converter into a protest song,

"Your a rich corp, and you've gone too far

but you know it don't matter any way.

You can rely on Old Sam's money,

you can rely but it sure smells funny... “

Well, I got to work out the rest of the parody lyrics, I might get around to it after I dance to a couple more songs.

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