Sunday, February 01, 2009

A Moment of Gratitude - My Neighbors

Today someone walked into my back yard and tried to open a door and window. One of my neighbors saw him and asked the man what was he doing there? The low life gave some jacked up excuse and beat it.

My other neighbors came to my door to alert me. I heard the noise but thought it was opossums. It wasn't. The guy got away. We called the police who did come promptly. It is ok for now.

Here is the thing. I hardly speak to my side neighbors. We come and go at different times. Modern life you know. My neighbor did not have to be observant or even get involved.

The police officer asked my neighbor how did he come to engage the stranger? The response was that he knew it wasn't right for him to be back in my back yard. If he didn't act that man might come back and try to get into his place.

My front neighbors didn't have to get involved either but I do know them a little better. Still, I'm thinking I was blessed today. I've been blessed and did not know it. Sometimes you can be so deep in your personal muck you don't comprehend the whole view.

I just got back from put some cans and bottle by the gate. My neighbor said "Why are you doing that?" I said just in case the stranger comes back there would be additional noise to alert. He said don't worry about it, folks are on the look out.

So yeah, this community thing and looking out for each other? It can work. It does work. We don't need to be all up in every one's personal business but we can be there when it counts.

Now if I could just stop being scared and grateful. Grateful is better but I'm not a perfect person. Scared and grateful will have to do for now.


  1. That is scary, but I'm glad someone was looking out for you.

  2. Yeah, me too. Good lesson on being respectful. You never know when that karma juice is gonna kick in.

    Still a little jumpy though. Stopped watching crime dramas and will be real careful keeping good thoughts in times of trouble.