Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lessons from The Monty Python Channel on YouTube

This is how you do it. They get it. Or got it. Maybe it was one of their grandkids that brought it to their attention. YouTubers have been snagging Monty Python content for years. I neither approve or condone such actions but yeah I watched.

You get attached to Spiced Ham and then a stinking DCMA notice hits and it gets yanked down. Up and down, from good transfers to crappy Vaseline postings. The fans would not be satisfied. It took time and effort to yank those suckers down too. Only one benefiting was the lawyers typing up those dang DCMA letters.

That is all over, thanks to the wonder of The Monty Python Channel

Somebody said, hey let's post our stuff in the best quality and we'll ask them to buy DVDs of the lot. Now it might seem to some people that this is not a good idea to give it away free. In fact, it is a great idea. See, I remember them because I saw the actual television show on PBS.

But that was years ago. Now I can look at the bit of stuff and decided if it was as good as I thought or not. If it is, I might want to get the DVD so that I don't have to get rump burn trying to watch the clips and videos in my computer chair. I am a potential customer!

But wait, it gets better. What about all the folks that have never seen it and only heard about it from older brothers and sisters. Not sure they would have listened to the parents but ok maybe even them. A whole new generation can be turned on to strange men in women's clothing.

Yeah! Everybody wins. The MPs get introduced to a new generation. The old fogies light ups some memories and cashed is exchanged for DVDs at

No hate, no eyestrain and you get a wee bit of Monty Python history too.

So your royal purpleness, Prince (not of England) why fight it man? Why feed the lawyers? Can't we all just get along? You know you could put out experimental videos and music just to wet your feet? Take lessons from a bunch of gits. It can work for you.


  1. Thank you for this. I didn't realize there was such controversy surrounding this. They've done better than the blues and R&B musicians of the 50's and 60's, but who can deny their right to make a few dollars/pounds off their work?

    BTW, I have your blog listed on my blogroll. I would appreciate seeing a link to my site on your blog.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes they have done better because they owned their work and creativity. The early musicians didn't know anything about that and lost out on millions and billions of dollars.

    Well, thank you for visiting. Once upon a time I did have a blog roll. That was one long sucker. Had to keep up with blogs dieing and new goodies popping up. I keep meaning to update the design and re-install it. I benefit from other folks blog rolls. So tell you what, folks I went to Rational Psychic blog
    I liked the connection between Tao, the stimulus package and Winnie the Poo. Check it out.