Friday, February 13, 2009

Face It Girl on the Finally Friday Freakout

Nancy Wilson was so classy I couldn't even imagine being like her. I could be Gladys and Aretha. Nancy was regal. They didn't call her fancy Nancy Wilson for nothing.

This is another of those situations where I am just now seeing a performer for the first time. I had heard this song for years but this was my first opportunity to hear her sing it. This is Miss Nancy Wilson's Face It Girl originally record in 1968 and can be found on the album Easy.


Now I think this video is much later than when Nancy recorded the original song. It seems to come from a variety type show.  Then again, It might have been her own variety show that ran from 1967-1968. I’m not sure. I was hip deep with Batman and the Monkees at the time. I probably was in bed when her show came on television.

Now the great thing about a timeless master performer is that she can take a song that she has song hundreds of times and surprise the heck out of you. Some folks called this seasoning.

In this next clip, Miss Nancy is charming, funny and to the point sassy about her reaction to the situation in her classic tune “Guess Who I Saw Today

If you would like to know more about her wonderful career or catch up on her discography you should visit her website,

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