Friday, January 30, 2009

Higher and Higher on The Finally Friday Freakout

I grumped home with groceries and thoughts in my mind. I'm incubating a new project and I'm looking at old and new ways of presenting information. I sometimes go over to Turner Movie Classics and watch old movie trailers.

It is a kind of reverse engineering project I do from time to time. I look at how the trailer was created. I look at the use of images, text and audio to understand the technique of persuasion. TMC also has clips of actors talking about their favorite actors or films.

Not sure if I saw this on TMC or YouTube but there was an interview with actor Michael Caine. I love that guy, great actor. Anyway, he was saying that he loves his life and his career. He wanted people to know that life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the real thing and to stop hesitating about living. In good times and bad live. In essence stop worrying  and  use the “good china.”

I wanted to do that in 2008 but things happened. I learned from my experiences but became skittish about stepping past the known to the unknown. Now I had no idea that crooks in white collars would sink the economy. So a little caution is not a bad thing. I'm glad that I had to hold back a bit, I have new ideas that might be better than the old ones.

I was giving my annual Love Scrooge pronouncements. Yeah, I don't like that day. Being told all damned day that I should be a two-fer instead of one and only is not fun.

One of the things that I said was that I was going to wrap myself in music that hugs me and doesn't put me in a bad place. So first up is Mr. Jackie Wilson. When you watch the video count the number of performers that seemed to be influenced by this man. This is a speeded up version of Higher and Higher but dig that feet action.



Great songs get re-interpreted. This is a nice version by Michael McDonald:


And because I need to make amends to those that can love with their hearts first and brains second this is Michael McDonald with India.Arie working on a little something called Your All I Need To Get By


Since I am the Love Scrooge, I would rather dance my way out of my funk than draw up more negativity. Cuz really it is foolish to fight love and those that insist upon on doing so.

On a karmic level it is not a good thing to do. So let us return to the teachings of master entertainer Jackie Wilson with help from Shindig with a grand version of Baby Work Out.

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