Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Black Balloons Teaching About C02

My computer system is almost stable. I've lost a boat load of email and a couple thousand bookmark links. I was stupid ok? I should never do anything at 1am that requires any form of thought and I was bone angry at having to tinker with my system in the first place. I didn't lose video or documents. I can't figure out how I forgot to back-up e-mail and browser folders.

Anyway this is a video from Austrialia that is very well done. I'm not getting into the global warning issue. I gotta go to work but if you look at it from a waste/consumption point of view you gotta ask yourself, "How much do we need?" and "How much energy do we waste?"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tom Browne on The Finally Friday Freakout

The Freakout is starting early today because I don't know when my system will be back 100%. There are performers I have never seen but have benefited from their talent. This week it is a great joy to share with you not an ordinary guy, Mr. Tom Browne and company with their tuneful rendition of Funking for Jamaica.

Ah technology. When it works you don't appreciate how good you have it until it goes wonky. My system has been wonky for weeks. So I gotta take Precious down to factory install and reload 1/3 of what I have. Like books I have acquired programs like a dogs got fleas.

I tried to nurse Precious back to health, do the right thing and next thing you know Kaspersky doesn't want to play with Firefox any more, none of my video editing programs work and well, here is the embarrassing part. I have a 250GB storage drive, maxed out. I go out and buy another external hard drive.

I can't decide between the 500GB and the 1 terabyte. I'm figuring, it is a sin for me to have a terabyte drive, I just need to clear out some junk. I'll never use the capacity of that sized drive. I go with the 500GB. It was cheaper and I couldn't have that much stuff.

Yeah, I maxed out the 500GB. Sigh. I am doing a system back up of just the essentials and then I'm wiping the sucker clean. I have all of the software and most of the serial numbers, I hope.

You should wipe your system clean at least twice a year to clear the gunk (if you have been doing regular back ups) You do back your stuff up once a week/month/whenever right? If not, go do it now. So happy cyber spring cleaning and I'll catch you on the flip side.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Animals Finally Friday Freak Out

Oh, my goodness what a week! This edition of the Finally Friday Freak Out is dedicated to Charlie and George who didn't have a clue as to what the American people wanted to know about the candidates running for office.

I will say this, they did succeed in pissing off both liberal and conservative voters. Yes, we gotta get out of this place. From 1965 The Animals!

I don't know who wrote those questions but I can pull up a hell of a lot better ones http://www.10questions.com/ Now true these aren't seasoned journalists but I'll take a person asking questions about the budget, governmental transparency or plans for Iraq over which side you wear a flag on your lapel.

George, yeah I get it. There was a relationship with his former employer. What that wasn't taken into consideration as a possible reason NOT to have him sit on a debate panel I don't know.

Charlie, what the heck happened man? Didn't someone clue you into that speech Obama made a few weeks back? Did all the producers just nodded their heads when these questions came up for a vote? When did the journalism part kick into to review if the question matched up with what the American public wanted to know?

With people losing their jobs, homes and access to health care you want to link Obama to events that occurred during his childhood? How many people have you met that have done bad things and you sat across the table from them and smiled?

Folks don't ask me, ask De Newsman! I'm just a blogger so you shouldn't even be reading this. I am responsible for people not wanting to watch the network news or buying newspapers. So am I told.

I do know this. There is a point where folks will not accept crap. This is it. Folks are taking this election more seriously than I have ever experienced in my adult life.

Keep playing us stupid ok? Cuz when they flip the switch to digital in 2009 you do know your medium will under a transformation.

Oh, shoot, I wasn't supposed to tell. My bad.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nokia (Cell Phone) Filmmaking Contest

If you have a cell phone that can shoot video you will want in on this. Watch the video below or boogie on over to David Howell's blog to get the straight skivvy.

David is a filmmaker and vlogger and a cool dude to have a burger with on Hollywood Blvd. So if you have a cell phone that shoots video (doesn't have to be a Nokia phone) and you are over 15 years of age you can participate.

In brief here is what you need to do: (from David's blog)

Contest Rules:

Videos must be 1 of 4 following themes,

1: Film an act of kindness.
2: Film the best part of today.
3: Film the next thing that makes you smile.
4: Film the next person to inspire you.

Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes in length.
Your video must be shot on a mobile device.
All videos must be uploaded to share.ovi.com/pangeaday.

All videos will be judged based on content, creativity and originality.

So as far as I'm concerned so long as you are not driving while mobile vlogging you ought to do this. Okay, that is my rule but I'm not running the contest. Use the force and make with the story!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Once In A Lifetime - the Finally Friday Freakout

It is warm. The Santa Ana winds are gently blowing. Folks are driving crazy. Buses are breaking down, and the only thought most of us had was "I gotta get the hell out of here."

Not verbal but I can tell you the guy who rang me up at Trader Joe's was thinking it and doing a bad job of trying to hid it. I was not deterred. I had my bottle of Italian Blood Orange Soda. I missed this years crop of Blood Orange juice so I did what I had to do.

Talking Head's Once In a Lifetime on YouTube

Well, I gotta deal we the critter in the back yard. I think it is a possum. Possums are ugly and mean. Really ugly. I don't know how people got close enough to shoot them let alone eat them.

In California they have rights. If you call Animal Control they will not come get them no matter how "un-hygienic" there dropping might be to the environment.

I got two choices. Call a professional to remove him/her and relocate Possum to an alternative plane of existence. I don't wanna kill the creepy thing just have him do the biologicals elsewhere.

The other option is I can smell like a bear. Possums don't like the strong smell of Ammonia because it reminds them there are creatures bigger and hungrier than they are. I was told to douse towels and sheets with ammonia near the traffic area and this will discourage early morning visitations. Or the one going on now in late afternoon.

It worked last year. It is time for another treatment.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

International Pillow Fight Day - Los Angeles

Well, it is a little late but you gotta go with the flow. On March 22 it was IPF Day and this is a reflection of what happened in Los Angeles in Pershing Square.

The music is from Hattie Hart and the name of the tune is "Won't You Be Kind" from the Internet Archive.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Eco-Bunnies Teach About Carbon Footprints

I'm doing some research on green, ecology and sustainability issues. I'm a newbie at this and I have many questions and suspicions about the green movement. Is it truly a movement or a fad or a new wave marketing opportunity?

I don't know. I'm in research mode so I'm looking around and checking out how information is being presented about important green and sustainability topics. I started with the bunnies. Eco-Bunnies to be exact.

For those of you that are true green please don't be hating on the bunnies. Everybody has a job to do so let the bunnies alone. Like I said, I'm open to learning and I'm just trying to get a grip on a very big topic.

For the record, I am a tree lover and hugger. I don't like to see men with saws near trees and see no reason why we can't plant one tree per person on the planet.

How do we turn that into a reality? One thought at a time.

Buddy Miles Tribute - Them Changes

I'm always the last to know. Mr. Buddy Miles passed in February. I just found out a few minute ago when I was looking for something else, I can't remember. I just so bummed about it. So in this premier edition of the Friday afternoon Freak Out we lay tribute to a prime innovator in American music with a little help from Carlos Santana.

You couldn't get through the seventies in my neighborhood without somebody cranking up "Them Changes" and not move some part of your body. Absolutely that tune is evidence of the intersection of rock, soul and the funk nation about to be birth.

For more information about Buddy Miles check out:
People, get the damn check-up, cut back on the grease and move something other than the digits on the keyboard. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Elspeth Revere - Speaking at Media Re:public

I have heard the name MacArthur Foundation for as long as I have been watching public television and public radio. To be honest, it didn't mean anything to me. Perhaps it was reverse elitism or something.

I didn't believe that corporations and foundations gave away millions of dollars out of a need to advance the public good or to assist in making this world a better place to be. Nope. I chalk it up to how many ways can you say tax write off or cost of doing business and wait for the show to begin.

I may have to re-think my biases. I attended the Media Re:public conference that was given by The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. The conference was held at the University of California. I was hip deep in the academia and Journalists and other folks. More on that later.

Digital Media and Learning

As I listen to Elspeth talk I realized how many programs I have seen that had been funded or underwritten by the MacArthur Foundation. What I didn't know was the extent that the foundation gave to both U.S. and International organizations.

So this is a seven minute discussion on what the MacArthur Foundation does and why they are interested in participatory media.

Other Resources:

Amy Jussel of Shaping Youth lead me to a twelve publications by the MacArthur Foundation that have an free open access online version.

Amy King over at Amy King's Alias let folks know that the MacArthur Foundation and Guggenheim fellowship winner John Ashbery has been name MTVu Poet Laureate. You can sample his poetry on the MTVu site.