Sunday, December 07, 2008

I Have Entered the Electronics of Hell Zone

Crummy electronics be danged and double danged! 32 days after I could have returned the combo VCR/DVD player the DVD drive breaks. No fooling.

I put in my DVD copy of Long John Silver. No, not that guy! This was a movie and then a TV show from the 1950's. It was on sale at the beloved 99.99 cents only store and arrhh he and his crew is yar!

The machine just sat there. Nothing. No purple screen saying loading. No churning, chugging or chaginga chaginga. Drive door will not open. Turning it off and on gets me zilch. I just bought the dang thing 32 days which is 2 days past the take it back date.

20 minutes I spend trying to engage the drive into functioning. I get mad. I gentle pry open the drive to get the DVD out and the whole drive holding unit thingy comes out. I got a gaping hole where the drive cover use to be.

On the positive side the VHS side works great. No problems, Gargoyles never looked better.

In two months I have replaced a computer, a prior VCR, a prior DVD recorder that went bad after a year of limited use and purchased updates for software.

Oh yeah, let's not forget the digital converter that only picks up 1 channel and it is a Spanish language channel that I can't connect to the TV and combo unit at the same time. I had to buy an RF modulator and that kinda sorta solved my problem but not with the converter. I have great analog static on the TV.

That didn't bother me cuz I stopped watching regular TV anyway. Which is why I was digging the VHS and DVD player. I ain't digging it anymore.

I still have to buy stuff to transfer data from SATA drive and IDE drives and my DSL modem is getting finicky. Look, I'm all for stimulating the economy but this stuff is adding up.

32 freaking days? And what am I to do with all the electronic waste that I do have? I know not to throw it in the trash but I have no way of getting it to the recycling places. I want to be green conscious but at the same time this junk is piling up.

Sigh. Well, I'm waiting until after January 2nd for any further non-necessary electronic purchases. I will research the heck out of the next combo unit that I buy and me and Consumer Reports are going to be skin tight in agreement before I plunk down another cent for something I plug in.

Hey manufacturers, want to pull yourself out of a recession? Quit making shoddy product that die within 32 days of use. If you can't make it work at the price point you set then don't sell the piece of crap.

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  1. I gave up some time ago on having my DVD player work. Then someone came and told me it wasn't connected. D'oh....