Sunday, December 21, 2008

Creativity Over Dogma - The GINA Prototype From BMW

I am not a car person. I'd rather look at the specs on a graphics card than the ones on an automobile. I spend most of public travels trying not to get hit by Los Angelinos who think they have the skills necessary to operate a motor vehicle. They don't.

Special shout out to the f*cker who was turning his head in the direction of his Bluetooth ear mike and could not see the people on the opposite side of his head that had a green light to cross. Your time will come buddy boy.

Anyway, I was over at Creative Generalist blog and there it was. How could I not watch a video of a car with my name except is is misspelled. If the big three automakers had truly embraced innovation they would not be in the fix they find themselves today.

Check it out:

It is a concept car but what if having a variable skinned car could:
  • Indicate in text or graphics that the doofus behind the wheel is on the phone, sort of an instant ticket alert to the police
  • Show that is is making a left or right turn
  • Allow the owner to change car color depending on mood or driver attire.
Autotopia has more of a write up and photos of GINA as does Agostino Racing blog. For more information on what BMW is doing, has done or will do visit they video presence at BMW- Web.TV

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