Thursday, November 06, 2008

VloMo08 - Day 5 A Chunk of L.A. River

I'm a day late but I did it. Gonna have to bone up on the weekends. You can't stay up past your bedtime even on Election night and not expect repercussions during the day. It still is freaking amazing. On to the story.

Part of living in L.A. is seeing and not seeing. I am surrounded by what is called the L.A. River. It is of concrete and occasionally water.

I was outside having lunch and it occurred to me that I have accepted this without thinking about it. I use to think about, especially when I saw a car being moved by water down the street in 1982. I thought that I had made a mistake in moving to California. Here is a very short story about the L.A. River.

There are currently 61 member and 165 videos on Vimeo for Videoblogging Month. It is our version of National Novel Writing Month. One video a day for 30 days. Last year I think I made it to day 15ish.

To see more videos you can:

* Search Blip.TV with the keyword VloMo or VlogMo08
* Visit Vimeo VloMo Group at or
* Dig everybody,s videos across the space time continuum at the VloMo08 Mefedia Channel

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