Saturday, November 22, 2008

VloMo08 - Day 18 Intro to Sylvania G Netbook

I've had my netbook for about three weeks or so, and it is working out pretty well. This is an talking head introduction as to why I bought it and who I think the netbook target users might be. I will post additional videos to show you what the netbook and operating system looks like.

Let me say for the record that there isn't a computer product line or operating system that I truly hate. Well there was one.

The Packard Bell. That was one chunk of internal and external technological evil the world has ever seen. I'm speaking of the U.S. incarnation around the early 1990s. I think the brand is still viable in Europe and it isn't the same as that hunk of crap that was produced in America. I didn't have it but friends and clients did. Bad, bad computer and drove a bunch of people to the Apple OS.

It was wicked. So I'm really picky about what I will allow in my home. I really wanted to give the Linux Operating System a shot so that this the reason why I bought this netbook.

You have to be sure of what you want and for some folks it is best to stick with XP. Me, I like roaming down new roads so that is why I bought this with an 80GB drive. I just check and the prices on some of the other netbooks have dropped.

Agggh! You shouldn't do that by the way. Wait at least six months before you go back to the place where you bought your system. Price drops hurt. Ow, my wallet.

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