Monday, November 17, 2008

VloMo08 - Day 13 Store Closings

It is happening. Mervyns, Shoe Pavilion, small little stores that opened six months ago and even the Hooters in Pasadena is closed. I use to notice the motorcycles that were always out front.

That joint I never thought it would close but it has been for months. I wouldn't step foot in it but it was one of the anchor stores on the block. Now all of the stores next to it are gone as well. It is a like a virus that spreads but no one notices until it hits them.

Sad to see Mervyns go. I shopped there. I knew it was in trouble when they did not fixed the clock at the front entrance for six months. There were other signs like basic store maintenance and sadder than usual staff.

It will be missed. I also stopped by Target. On a Saturday afternoon there weren't a lot of shoppers. I got to have Target store near me so I'm a little concerned. I'll hope for the best. This is a memory piece of what is seen and not seen.

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