Tuesday, November 04, 2008

This Day Finally Begins 5:28am

It is raining on and off. It has eased up a bit but it is seems like it is going to be a drippy day. I hope not. I wanted to go to different polling places to take photos and see for myself what the day will unfold. Doing that on Los Angeles Metro Buses makes it challenging to say the least. Doing it while raining is not what I had planned.

I'm cranky. Allergies. No. Scared out of my mind on what this country will do. I don't trust the vote. You can't ask me to, not after 2000 and 2004. All it would take is a is a malfunction here, a disenfranchised voter there and a pound of lies that become the truth.

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On the other hand, I have never seen this level of citizen political activity in my life. There was a photo in the L.A. Times of African-Americans standing in line to participate in early voting on Sunday. Some had been there for hours. I hear people taking politics and not "the game." Politics being discussed in multiple languages on the bus.

It matters. It matters to the totality of America. Not in selected pockets of the country that is designated "the real America." There are more good people than I gave this country credit for and they have been stepping up, contributing time, effort, money and vision. It is the whole flipping thing. And that is why I'm have taken the day off work and sit her cranky as hell waiting to vote at 7am.

How are I going to do the other things? Well I don't know. Maybe I'll camp out at one polling place and see what happens. I haven't got a clue.

But I want to say I was out there, I saw for myself. I see on behalf of the ancestors and those that died making this day happen. On this day I want to bear witness to what was and what will be. I have to live here no matter what so I'll be posting on and off all day.

Soon as the Emergen-C kicks in I'll be good to go.

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