Saturday, November 22, 2008

Technologically, This Sucks Pookie DOA

We take a break from my crappy VloMo videos to share with you that my desktop bit this dust around noon today. I have been fighting with it for weeks. I knew something was wrong but I couldn't diagnose the problem.

Pookie RIPI treated the symptoms and not the source. I meant to. I was gonna strip Pookie down to the skivvies and start over clean. Something always came up. All Pookie wanted was a little maintenance, a new graphics card or a bit more power in the supply. Ah, well.

This time around I have a laptop and a netbook so I'm not deprived. I also have an external hard drive that acts as a continuous back up. Except I had it off for three days because I was checking for problems.

I have stuff to do so I need to spend tonight making a decision I don't want to make. Buy a new desktop or wait until after the holidays. I don't like shopping and I don't like holiday shopping even more. Although me and Vista have called a truce this puppy only got a 1GB of RAM and it has locked up on a couple of programs I tried to install.

Do I go Duo or Quad? If I go Quad it will be a 64 bit system? Will it run my old stuff? Is there an emulation mode that will actually work? Good thing I get paid this week but this isn't how I planned to spend what little nickles I'll have left over.

My heart wants Alienware class computing. That ain't gonna happen. It will be ok. I refuse to edit on Windows Movie Maker so that is motivation enough.

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