Friday, November 21, 2008

Regina Belle on the Finally Friday Freakout

I read somewhere that love songs are a form of brainwashing. I think the person meant that there is a form of social indoctrination that happens with women learning about loving the one and guys learning how to be smooth and putting on the moves.

You hope that things turn out as good as they seem to in a love song.  You hope the person sitting next to you in the car is feeling the same way.  A lot of us got carried away with a love song that whispered us forward when we should have said "Whoa." Then again, there is that tune that pops up and it makes things a little easier to communicate; non-verbally that is.

I think some love songs are more than their lyrics. Now you can't really interpret "Baby Come To Me" but so many ways but I don't want to stand in the way of a good song.

This is Regina Bell making her case:

What if the love in the song isn't a person but a hope.

A wish.

A desire to be more creative? Maybe it it a cry to the beyond to be held auctorial in love. Secured that somebody, somewhere is holding your in an embrace. 

A song come on and holds you until the fade out and you feel better.  So to all the creatives out there who are doing National Novel Writing Month, Naitonal Blog Posting Month and (In)National Videblogging Posing Month be kind to yourself and each other. Crank up a tune and go with the flow.

No judgement, no worries It’s all good even when it is crap. It is the effort. That is it. The goodness comes later.

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