Saturday, November 29, 2008

The O'Jays on the Finally Friday Freakout

Whew, what a week. Forgive me for the Freakout appearing Saturday but I've been distracted. Give me two extra days off with the ability to catch up on sleep and I don't know what to do with myself. I totally I forgot I had to post. I was watching the Original Latina Divas of Comedy on Hulu and learned a lot.

The new computer is working well. Vista is behaving much better than I expected. Much better than on the laptop, I got a Dual Core 32 Bit version. I didn't want to take a change on Vista 64 Bit and have most of my stuff not work or be wonky.

I've been loading software and looking for installation keys. Or in the case of Camtasia looking for the CD cuz I have the installation key. I am glad I embraced frugality because I would not have been able to buy replacement computer so quickly without it. It is really hard but if we could buy just what we need and not always what we want we could be a bit more emotionally secure.

I know I feel better not having debt. Hell, I've got more cash in my wallet than major corporations that feel that losing billions of dollars a year is a badge of honor.

Wait, let me check, yeah there is $25 in un-obligated moolah in my bag. So, this inspires me to dig into the archives and pull up three great men from the state of Ohio, The O'Jays and For The Love Of Money.

I dedicate this to those specific Wall Street, Mortgage and Banking rat bastards that made this year a living hell for a good chunk of Americans. Not all of the above were guilty. Some just went along to get along. No matter, because of greed, avarice and juicing on power trips most of you will get away with it without facing criminal prosecution. You have friends and enablers in high places.

White collar criminals take note. When you least expected it the Karma whammy will come running up to you like a freight train. Maybe not legally but there is a thing called balance. The balance will be corrected.

I wouldn't want to stand next to you when it does.

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