Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In The Evening Hours - 7:04pm

I went to two additional polling places. All of the voting booths were occupied but there were no long lines. That is a good thing. Really. Or it means that I managed to hit those places when there was a lull in the action.

Or maybe there was no action. Not in my surrounding areas anyway. Drat! Um, I mean yeah, good job on absentee ballots and voting early folks. So there goes my fantasies of making like Crusader Rabbit.

Time for me to come clean. I voted for Obama/Biden.

I didn't necessarily want to say who I voted for, it is a right of privacy. I'm a private person. I'd tell you if I knew you but didn't want to put it in people's faces. Also there are folks that come here and are of other minds. I respect that. I don't like it when I go to other blogs and because of what I believe I am attacked, vilified and held accountable for every wrong in the country.

I also didn't want to be accused of "drinking the Kool-Aid" meaning I would by racial obligation or left leaning tendencies I would vote for him. Nope. My initial choice was John Edwards and then considered Hillary.

I thought it was too soon for Obama to be running. I could see him as a Vice Presidential candidate but if he could have waited four years that would have been just right. Mr. Obama had other expectations. I had to adjust.

When I look at this long race it should have been impossible for him to do what he has done. He ran without the support of the Democratic party. He and his team put together an incredible network; both real world and online. They worked steadily toward a goal with few major missteps.

Fund raising that made Howard Dean's achievement look pedestrian. Engagement with a cross section of Americans. The man acted like a President. Responded the way a President should respond or how we would want him to. When he went to Germany and gave that speech that got my attention. That was audacious. It was a brilliant way to introduce himself to the world community.

I could go along with most of his platform but I'm nursing fiscal conservative tendencies so he is gonna have to be more creative than asking for money to implement some of his ideas.

So I'll wait for the number 270 and then I'll start to believe this has happened.

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