Tuesday, November 04, 2008

In The Afternoon of This Day 3:05pm

I'm tired. Waiting and hopping on buses will do that to you if you haven't done it for a while. I'm out of shape. Recharging myself and the batteries. I forgot about the Lithium children and attention must be paid to the person who needs to sit in three different seats within 10 minutes.

I need food. (Pause to heat up soup.) I went to one polling place in Pasadena, located in a church annex. It was around quarter to one.

Voter Right Signs in Many Languages

There was one lady with a toddler finishing up but the poll workers didn't seem to have much to do. It was the same at another Pasadena polling place. Now this is typical for elections. Most folks try to get in early or have to wait to get off work.

California Election Sign

In California, you can ask time off for voting. Most people can't afford to take the risk of asking. I'm going to go back out in an hour to see if my theory holds up. The other factor that might be affecting this is that many people did absentee ballots or early voting.

I don't know how to describe the mood but it is quiet. No, maybe muted is a better word. It is a collective holding of breath. Trying to be prepared for...what? Nothing about this campaign is normal. Why should the end be any different?

Mischief - yes, it it happening. From Future Majority a string of fake e-mails are being sent to voters. Please tell your voting newbies that they have to do it today.

Megan at Megan's Minute has a great round-up of M$M Highs and Lows of election coverage.

Need soup, more later.

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