Friday, October 03, 2008

Yves and Megan on The Bail Out - Confirmation of Some of My Feelings

I was messing around the NY Times site. I like to keep an eye on what David Pogue and Mark Bittman are up to, specially Bittman. He really does make simple food look good but I'm thinking it took him 25+ years to make preparation look that simple.

Then again it is that bald thing. I like smart talented bald headed men. Where was I? Oh yeah fiscal crisis. So like I was saying I was fiddling around and watched this video from

Yves Smith and Megan McCardle were talking about the situation before the passing of the bill. But I think Yves was spot on that this sucker is a palliative and the drug will wear off in weeks.

So when some folks talk about cleaning up Wall Street I think it means getting the hookup so that you too can start a job, be let go after three weeks and get to keep your $7.5 million sign-up bonus and your golden parachute.

Who said bankers were dull? I want to be that dull. Living the dull life. There is a song in there somewhere. Remember, this was after the first version tanked and before the passage of the second version of the Bail Out Bill.

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