Sunday, October 26, 2008

VoterEd CA - California State and Federal Voter Identification

This comes under the heading know before you go. You do not have to show identification before you cast a ballot in California. That does not mean that you will not be asked. Now all you have to do is produce your copy of the office Sample Ballot and Voter Instruction guide, flip it to the back cover and bada bing end of story. Your name, address and polling place appear, that means you are registered.

Well, no. If this is your first time or there is a problem you might need to show some form of identification. There are at least 30 forms of voter identification that is acceptable. You can check out Barclays Office California Code of Regulations located at the California Secretary of state web site. It is a .pdf file and just jump down a few pages to see the list.

Here is just a sample, the full list is in the .pdf:

(A) driver's license or identification card of any state;
(B) passport;
(C) employee identification card;
(D) identification card provided by a commercial establishment;
(E) credit or debit card;
(F) military identification card;
(G) student identification card;
(H) health club identification card;
(I) insurance plan identification card; or
(J) public housing identification card.

There is a heck of a lot more. Do not expect your poll worker to know all 30 forms of acceptable identification. Take no chances. And if you hear one giving misinformation to another person do the right thing and tell that person (or have a printout) of what is acceptable for casting a vote.

Know your rights, know the issues and then go vote.

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