Friday, October 10, 2008

Tracy Chapman on the Finally Friday Freakout

I have decided to get off the fear merry-go-around. The financial one anyway. I have been waiting for someone or a group of golden parachute troopers to step up and accept that they made a huge mistake. Or admit they didn’t look at the zig when they were grooving on the zag.

But you cannot start a blessing without having a tragedy or two. Well you can but they tend not to get notices near as as much. Americans are hard headed and this is the universal equivalent of a baseball bat upside the head.

We need to start over on how we do business. How we live our lives. How we relate to each other. This is Tracy Chapman and the tune is Make A New Beginning.

Tracy is doing fine. She has a new album that is coming out in November. From what I can gather, she performs most of her musical dates in Europe cuz they got the good sense to appreciate singer/songwriters.

We have temporarily lost our good senses but there is a lot going on. This is an opportunity to clean up our acts. Pay down our personal debt. Put some money in a bank and a credit union and a secret stash (not the mattress!)

Watch out for the flim-flamers who are popping up on late night television and Bus TV. You don’t need their help that will only serve to take more money from you.

You don’t have to listen to doom and gloom about the financial news. Once ever three days will do just fine. If it is really bad three or more people will come running to you to tell you about it anyway. Reduce the auditory toxins.

How long has it been since you have been to the ocean or the mountains? Visited a real park? Stared up at a moonlight sky? Gone for a good long walk without thinking about your problems?

This might be a good time for it.

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