Friday, October 17, 2008

The Four Tops and Still Water (Love) on the Finally Friday Freakout

Mr. Levi Stubbs of The Four Tops has made his transition from this world to the next. I was struggling to find an appropriate tribute song. The events of the day seem to keep me in an hovering state of rage. When I heard of Mr. Stubbs’ passing the song came right to me.

From the 1970s this is a slide show of how four men worked, sang and loved together for 40 years. 

This is Still Waters (Love)

I always liked this song and the instrumental version, Still Waters (Peace) as well. My past is ebbing away and parts of me as well. It is better to look forward I supposed. I'm looking forward to the end of the election for sure.

And if a certain gentleman gets elected then indeed still waters run deep and we will have a new national model for developing our own still waters cuz it gonna get rough.

If the other guy wins then we will indeed need to find our own personal still waters. Gotta find out if there is any U.S. territories on the other side of American Samoa?

Then again, I hear British Columbia is kinda cool but might be a little too close to Alaska than I would feel comfortable visiting at the moment.

I know a few of y'all are talking New Zealand but I'm thinking the whole planet might be a little pissed at us at the moment. I ain't too happy with some of my fellow Americans either. But that is for another post for another time.

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