Saturday, October 04, 2008

The End of The Innocence on the Finally Friday Freakout

I was so tired by the past week. I was hurt. I was being lied to and grown people tried to tell me that putting two new wheels on a busted economy would work just fine. I think Don Hendley and Bruce Hornsby on piano nailed it solid. So sit back and nod one more time with misty eyes The End of the Innocence.

Identity politics and the hatred of the intelligent, code word elitists is being held up as a banner by people claiming to speak for middle America.

We didn't have Hockey in my neighborhood. Black folks would not have been allowed to step foot in the arena that held the games. Never heard of Soccer. We had Stickball, Double Dutch and much later the Roller Derby on Saturday afternoons. Moms & dads would sit on the porch and talk about the world as they knew it and the changes happen so fast they could not believe it.

No air conditioning, no 24/7 spin doctors just real people talking about where to find work or a job. What was happening at the school. They did care about this country just as much as those who had playgrounds in there neighborhoods and Soccer for their kids.

We have grown up. The world is more complicated than it is made to be. There are different responsibilities now that call for attention, information and being aware of the truth of the situation. I keep harping on that. I don't know what else to do but hope we take the scale off of our eyes and face the fears before us. We need to deal with them.

I'll stop now. The crickets in the back yard are calling.


  1. In my days, we didn't have sport-moms, we had moms who were at home or moms who worked.

    What gets me is that us boomers should not be innocent. Afterall, the defining political moments for us were Vietnam and Watergate. That we allowed ourselves to just accede power back to the politicos shows that we did not take to heart those lessons well enough. Let's hope that maybe now, now things really will change. For us and the country. Or by us to the country.

  2. Well yeah. I know. But this is demographic politics where you can split and splinter to just those folks you want to target your message.

    We witnessed assassinations, Kent State, Watergate and if you keep piling that stuff up you look for the pain killers. TV, Celebrity and consumption beyond your means.

    We can't do it if we see or we are made to see each of us as the enemy. The only thing that unified the county was the bail-out. 90% or more said it was wrong.

    Maybe that is the starting point.