Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Declarations - Videos on Women's Voices on Voting

I want to start sharing some of the amazing documentation that is out their regarding problems with voting, independent voices and a reminder of a certain Declaration.

Voter Machine Problems In West Virginia
From West Virginia citizen Virginia Matheny tells of the problems she had with touch screen voting.

Independent Voter Voices
There are other political parties in America. And there are people to do not cleve to a specific political party. This is an opportunity to hear from Jackie Salit, with a potential new vision of participation of Independent voters.

Young People Speak Old Words

We finish with the next generation giving a recitation of some of the lines in the Declaration of Independence.


  1. Hi Gena,

    Thanks for posting the Salit video on your blog. I wanted to invite you to participate in the next national conference call for independents which Jackie Salit hosts. If you're interested, email me at gwenmand@aol.com or you can sign up on the site - www.independentvoting.org


  2. Thanks for the link. I've made my decision but I do wish we had more than two political parties to choose from. I welcome diverse political ideas and I like it even more when they are presented in a rational non-inflammatory format.

    We may not agree on all things but it is important to have the basis of dialog. This is a small start.