Friday, September 19, 2008

Screaming Jay Hawkings on the Finally Friday Freakout

Now on the Friday Freakout I try to find the vocal gems and classic interpretations of artists that need to be remembered and passed on to the next generation.  Screaming Jay Hawkings, well…the man was impressive and certainly expressive. The dude was creative.

No one on the planet can questions his carnal energy. Before he passed he thought he had 57 kids. It turned out that it was closer to 75 and counting. So this morning I was thinking about I was gonna post and it popped into my head “I Put A Spell On You.”

I go to look at the video. My jaw dropped.  I had heard about the coffin and that is what I was expecting. I didn’t see a coffin but no one ever told me what he did on stage. I was too young and I had no idea how he looked and sounded as he was performing. I can’t post that video.  No. Uh uh. Mercy and I don’t have the words.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love the song, both his version and Nina Simone’s heart tugging rip you soul to pieces version but the brother was way out there and I just can’t get into his trip. Not tonight. No disrespect intended.  So, instead I found a more refined and restrained performance of an under appreciated yet equally passionate classic of his.

I  present to you Screamin' Jay Hawkins with Serge Gainsbourg holding on tight on piano Constipation Blues

Now being the week it was financially speaking maybe this was the more appropriate choice.

Here I am standing in a limited time only solidarity with fiscal conservatives and libertarians and want those bastards who gave risky business an unsexy name reap the penalties of a free market system. Let them sink!

That what they tell me when it comes to helping people or establishing health care or human based assistance. Why is corporate welfare any different? If I did what those blighters did I’d be under the jail instead of cashing in golden parachutes.

Yeah, I’m angry. Or does Yale, Princeton and Harvard not teach ethics classes to MBA students anymore?

On the other hand it ain't just about Wall Street. It is homeowners, investors here and in other countries, small businesses and industries that are attached to the American marketplace. If we totally melt down before recreating ourselves more ethically it would get retro-depression real quick.

Only good thing about that would be that cell phone use would be cut by 75%. Naw, I ain’t that heartless. Much as I hate the damn things. Damned if we do and damned if we don't.

So to those folks that had no part in the low life doings by their superiors and are now unemployed, this Maalox moment is for you. Or Pepcid OTC. Liquor is quicker but it will mess you up in the long run.

Oh, special shout out to California state workers who are still only getting minimum wages as the budget crises continues. Seems to be headed to an all time record for not being settled.  The state workers that didn’t get the axe are getting federal minimum wage at $6.55 an hour, not California state minimum wage. Y’all might want to have friend and relations stock on on Citricel cuz I know that got to be putting 200,000 state employee in a bind.

It will get better. Really.

For the rest of us I hope you saved your stimulus check at a bank that is still viable.  If you haven’t then join in with a grunt or two and ease up off that pressure.  Laughter is essential and this is the week to let it rip.

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