Friday, September 26, 2008

Laura Nyro on the Finally Friday Freakout

Everybody wants to get saved in one way or another. Some people want money, some want forgiveness and some just want everyone to live in peace. I watched a good chunk of the debate and I’m not as worried about it as I was before it started so I needed to be reminded of what was important. This is Laura Nyro singing “Save The People.”

Laura crafted beautiful work that others would take and re-interpret on their own. Sometimes there would be commercial success for her and sometimes it was enough that a song went to number 1 by another voice.

I barely remember Save The Country.  I know very little about Laura Nyro except that she was a songwriter’s performer.  She could hold her own interpreting another singer's work.

Let's start with the originator's The Roylettes version of It's Gonna Take A Miracle. I would embed it but it is on lock down. Then there is Laura’s audio version:

And to wrap up this week of multi-billions corporation praying for a trillion dollar bail out so they don’t have to be concerned about life as it is lived by the broke and near broke people is Deniece Williams version recorded in Brazil of It´s Gonna Take A Miracle 

If you would like to learn more about Laura you can visit her biography at All Music or swing over to her Wikipedia's Laura Nyro page page.

Not much to say this week. WaMu tanked and I’m glad I didn’t have money in it. The thing is the big boys knew WaMu was shaky but they kept implying that it wasn’t as bad as the others. Only difference was that they set it up to allow it to fail in private and found a buyer right quick.

Yes, it’s gonna take a miracle.

You know there are other rotten apples about to fall. You know if the top dogs did damage the pack followed behind and sniff along the way.  Watch for your second and third tier banks in the coming weeks.

Yes, it’s gonna take a miracle.

To get presidential contenders to stop scoring winning points and say what needs to be said. For the veeps to get their facts straight – Joe, and for them to get the facts – Sarah.

And for my conservative leaning readers/viewer this week I feel for you. Yes, a MoonBat liberal is sympathetic. I saw the CBS news interviews by Katie Curic and I ain’t got nothing to add. 

Ok maybe one thing. I am not hating on her. She has her beliefs and I have mine. I doubt if we have more than 3.5 things we would agree on.  After watching the interviews I have to say this reflects so poorly on McCain’s judgement. Why would you select a total national political n00b for veep?  Male, female it isn’t fair to subject them to tremendous national scrutiny?  It is a lot to take in all at once.

But you gotta have someone who understands that it ain’t just the rich folks that can travel? Or that planes crossing your air space does not give you a world perspective required of a global citizen. And as a loyal fan of Bulwinkle J. Moose, well I pass on the moose burgers.

All we need is a miracle – you could help by making sure you are registered to vote.

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