Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That Certain Hour and One Second Beyond

It is funny when famous people die, particularly if we had affection for them it is a community shared event. Everyone knows how the other feels, we have a level of pain but we stand on the shore and give our respect and props to the departed.

My mother has passed. This is what African Americans say when someone has died. It means that her spirit has transitioned to the next plane of existence. Some call it Heaven. Other call it Glory. Universal Consciousness. To my Atheist and Agnostic friends she is no more.

About maybe five years ago, before Internet video really took off there was Flash animations. One of my favorite was from Diego Maclean. It was called Hora Certa.

Man running from Destiny
It is about a man trying to outrun his death. It was his destiny when he was born but most of us want to renege on the deal.

Some of us after having hard times in this life start to chase death. Most of the time he is not ready for us unless we really convince him we want to go. If you watch the animation you will see me, I got stuff to do and I'm moving a fast as I can before tall, dark and gruesome lays hands on me.

I'm processing a lot of sensations right now. I'm almost back but I have been altered. How shall I go forth? What did I learn or is this really some kind of bio-chemical joke?

No, I don't belief life is just a bio-chemical joke it is just that we waste so much time on hurtful, wasteful things when we could spend the time being authentic, nurturing the planet, being respectful and yada, yada, yada.

As I was flying back over the country I looked at the Colorado mountains. Beautiful, there were colors in the rocks and black lacing ribbons embracing the mountains. And unless we get cold blooded stupid nothing I experience will last longer than the beauty of those mountain.

That helps but still...

Diego has moved on to do live video and promotional videos for a variety of clients. You can check out his portfolio.


  1. Young Snowbird8/26/2008 7:49 PM

    I am sorry for your loss. May you take comfort in the memories of joy she brought into your life.

    I enjoy your blog very much and am glad you find such cool and interesting things to post and write about.

  2. Oh, Gena. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.

    I was just thinking about you and pulled up the video I posted about a year ago of the two of us walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago talking BBQ. I watched it smiling. Then I cam to visit.

    I don't know *how* you go forward. You just do, because there isn't any other choice. Some days are easier, some days suck.

    It may not be worth much, but you're in my thoughts and in my heart.

  3. Thanks folks. I'm just in an unknown space. My belief is that there is no more pain and suffering so that is a very good thing.

    Death is not evil but it is present. People can be evil but they can also be magnificent. Some days I strive to be average just to level out.

    What do you do with the time you have left?

    Maybe that is what I'm trying to share. Don't waste another second on things or people that diminish you.

    Ice Creme absolutely excepted (in moderation, of course)