Friday, August 08, 2008

Mae West on the Finally Friday Freakout

What do any of us know, really? There is truth. There are the facts. Just when you think you know something or someone up pops the hot breath of fate blowing across your tracks and bada-bing, you don’t know nothing.

When the most importing political voice of the week concerning the U.S. presidential campaign is well, Paris?

A socialite heiress and professional, Ok, I don't really know what her profession is but she seems to make her own money and is not sponging off of maw and paw.

Blondes seem to be troublesome people. Once upon a time there was another troublesome blonde. She was provocative, her interest appeared to be of a prurient nature and she stirred up the men folk like Beyonce in line at a Tommy's Burgers 39 cent sale.

From 1935 this is Mae singing and double timing with the guys in a tune called He's a Bad Man but He's Good to Me

Actress, writer, producer and entrepreneur - the dame owned chunks of Hollywood and Los Angeles. She was nobody's puppet and for a good chunk of time Mae yanked the chain of the censors:

"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.”

For those of you who would like more info on Mary Jane West please check out her biography at the NNDB and

I leave you with the trailer from I’m No Angel. Check out that dress she is slinging around :34 seconds into the trailer. Only a women with meat on her hips can wear such a beautiful gown.

“No man can take me, no man can break me.”

Sling it sister, sling it.


  1. If you are in NYC during August, please come up and see Mae on her birthday when we offer "Mae West's Walk on the Wild Side" on August 17th - - -

  2. A 39 cent sale at Tommy's? I'm on my way. (Enjoying your blog; well done.)