Friday, August 29, 2008

Gladys Knight on the Finally Friday Freakout

I have been wrapping myself in musical blankets. They are my talisman and my touch points to how I have move though time. A good friend of mine said that I would be moving though a lot of emotions for the next few months.

I’ve put up a calm exterior for about a week but when I saw him I just crumbled. He understands me and told me to let it be, just accept what comes and work through as best I could. Sometimes life is just hard work.

I ate a pint of fat free sorbet. I normally don't do that but I wanted some and thought it would plug a hole. It tasted good but it didn't hit the spot. So for my first selection I'm pulling up "I Really Got To Use My Imagination".

Because I do.

When I was little I wished I looked like Gladys. Nobody questioned how beautiful she was, her voice beyond measure and nobody ever gave her grief about her hair. Long or short, Afro or straight is was Gladys Knight’s voice that shut folks up long enough to listen.

Plus she had those Pips surrounding her and that was so cool.

I don't look like Gladys. I am good with it but it took time. Can't sing my way out of a re-enforced bucket. Don't matter cuz I sing to myself anyway. It is time for me to move on and move forward.

But still there are flashbacks. There will be for some time.

Ms. Knight put a serious hurting on the Boys II Men classic End of the Road. I didn't know about this version of the song but I know that when Gladys re-interprets a song she goes all out.


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  1. Gladys Knight, wow, she's in a very special league of singers. I cannot listen to her without getting teary-eyed or getting goose-bumps on my arms. Thanks for highlighting her this week!