Monday, July 21, 2008

Yes, It Was A Big Fat Deal and It Was Wonderful

I'm walking around the St. Francis Hotel. The sessions I wanted to sample were filled to capacity. People were sitting on the floor, along the walls and what-not. Seriously, there were a lot of people interested in content creation, moniteriziation, optimizations and issues of a capital producing nature.

Other sessions I will confess I did not attended because it had the prefix-Mommyblogger before it. I'm not a mom. I don't have kids. I am not hating on the Mommybloggers at all it was just that I fell isolated from a part of the blogging community. A rant for another time.

BlogHer08 Room of Her Own BFD

Anyway, I'm stumbling through the halls and I see the sign about BFD. I don't know what BFD stand for and I have a firm policy of checking out things I do not understand.

BlogHer08 Room of Her Own BFD

I turn the corner and there are a couple of big legged girls sitting around laughing. Always a good sign. There was some skinny folks too.

A Bit of The Bubbly - Mimosas

The talk ranged from acceptance, to sex positive erotic videos for women, to fashion to to art and sushi and that I when I lost track because after initially turning down a drink I said to myself "What the heck, I ain't driving" and slung a Mimosa down my throat.

It got fuzzy after that point. But in a good way. I was comfortable. I felt connected for a brief moment in time. So thanks ladies. For those of you who might be interested in fat/body acceptance issues groove on over to:


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