Sunday, July 06, 2008

SPJ Citizen Journalism Academy - Publishing Truth

One of the SPJ-CJA sessions of the day concerned media law. I will be honest and say I am very interested in this topic; you got the Associated Press nonsense, you have Viacom lusting after user information and lord knows what will jump up next week.

What of the content creators? What rights do we have? This is a brief video clip of Professor Gary C. Williams talking about our rights to print/published factual information.

There is one exception. If the information involves matters of national security then no, that is not an automatic gimme.

I will add more reference links but for now if you need more information about the law, bloggers and the nature of your rights please visit the Electronic Freedom Foundation's page Legal Guide for Bloggers

Added July 6, 2008

The Knight Citizen News Network has a legal information module to help bloggers/vloggers understand legal risk.

It is heating up folks, protect yourself.

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