Wednesday, July 16, 2008

King Creole & The Coconuts on the Finally Friday Freakout

This early edition of the Finally Friday Freakout is devoted to the men folk left alone for two or three days because of BlogHer08.

This is especially the guy in the elevator at BlogHer07. He had the kids and was following after the mother unit. I heard him say it. "Next year she is coming alone. I'll stay home with the kids." That man was tired, tuckered and his birth Bam Bam and Pebbles wanted to go home.

Yes my friend this year you get the house to yourself. You get to wake up, scratch yourself, eat want you want and go where you please without reporting back to home base if you should pick up something before coming home.

Unless of course you have kids but you get the gist of my thought. So, as you are having that third slice of heartburn inducing pizza (I'm thinking extra cheese and extra pepperoni) and the fourth beer with the fellas, my first selection is from King Creole and the Coconuts My Male Curiosity.

Any resemblance to Cab Calloway is well, between him and Cab's sprit.

Now some of you are saying that I'm not being fair. That you are happy to allow your good woman this mini vacation and the kids are not a problem. Nor the dog or the plumbing nor the work you brought home that you have to have finished before 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.

The fact that your mother and mother-in-law have told you point blank that you can't bring your children over this weekend is beside the point. You are taking care of business.

You sir are an Endicott. We like Endicott. We adore Endicott. But we know you think you are the other fella in the video. To each his own but your secret is safe with me.

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