Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Getting Permission - Reference Books by Nolo

Here is another example when citizen journalism, library issues and blogging collide. At the ALA conference Nolo Press had a table of books. It was love at first sight. I wanted to buy those books. I couldn't, they were just sample copies. Drat!

Copyrights Book by Nolo Press

One of books was Getting Permission by Attorney Richard Stim. On the Nolo web site it has a brief overview page of the concept of Fair Use . If you wanted more info about the book they just happen to have a link at the bottom of the page. The pulp version has a CD that contains copies of forms and permission sheets you can use to request permission from copyright holders.

If you don't need the forms you can save yourself some cash and buy the e-book version for $20.

Nolo Press also has a book on The Public Domain where you can get the straight scoop on what is and isn't in the Public Domain and how to find out if a work has slipped out of copyright status.

Public Domain Book by Nolo Press

If you want to hear attorney Stephen Fishman talk about the book and Public Domain issues you can stream or download the mp3 file. The e-book version of the books is $21.99

Ok, still unpacking both physically and mentally. More to come.

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