Friday, July 11, 2008

Carly Simon on the Finally Friday Freakout

Isty Bitsy Spider. Also know as Eensy Weensy Spider. We learn that song fairly early and most of us like it, except for those folks who are really afraid of spiders. It is a folk song of failure and success and failure and maybe it is a life lesson that few of us really get a good grip on.

Something so small and determined to make the journey. There is the road, the choice. Complications appear and the road is blocked. Have patience, find a new road and the journey begins again. Carly is singing about love but maybe it is not about the romantical stuff.

Maybe it is the love of life, of passions deferred by obligations. Maybe it is the dream that you have had on the back burner but there was always something. You don't need me to tell you this but time is ticking.

Get on with it. Or watch a couple of episodes of "Dead Like Me." That'll fix you up.

This is from 1987 a live performance from Martha's Vineyard.

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