Friday, July 04, 2008

Bessie Smith On The Finally Friday Freakout

Over at BlogHer I read a piece by LaniaD about a Indian man who killed his daughter in-law because she was African American woman.

There are many layers to the story that are stunning. The man hired to do the actual killing said that he should have killed the baby in her arms as well. My personal kicker? The biological father turning the child over to the maternal grandparents and choosing to have no further contact with his daughter. He later married an Indian woman and (my feeling is that) the child would have never been accepted by the family.

I think I'll stay single for a little while longer.

Love, what is it good for? And do we really know what love is? In some cultures family honor and traditions trump any individual expressions of wants and needs. Would you kill for your faith? Your beliefs? Would you take from those that trust and depend on you for your own survival?

Don't be too quick to answer.

For some folks common sense has nothing to do with being connected to another human being. Let Bessie Smith school you on being struck by desperation which is not the same thing as love but you catch the drift soon enough.

This from the 1929 cinematic short St. Louis Blues. For more information about Bessie visit National Public Radio's profile on Bessie with commentary by writers and biographer who help to put a context to her music.

On the shunpike of the old Internet Joan Hemsworth wrote a report for her Women History class in 1998 and there is another good biography at the Xroads.

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