Friday, June 06, 2008

Oak Town 357 on The Finally Friday Freakout

The first time I saw Oaktown 357 I said "What in the world?" It was Juicy Got Em Crazy and I counted at least 8 costume changes, guys in the background dancing and B Angie B. I felt old. I didn't care for the lyrics, I still don't but those girls had energy.

If you want to see Juicy don't let me stop you. This is another video that I like better.

It is from the 90s and the ladies are putting out the challenge to hit the dance floor and not necessarily the sack. I wish my feet could take that pounding. There are days I want to dance but there never seems to be time or space to do so. It seems that people are only allowed to dance on TV in contests.

And if they are not spot on they get hacked into pieces. I don't watch those shows.

There doesn't seem to be any public way to dance a long week into the vapors. Some days I want to remember that this body is for living and not just for warehousing future dreams. So I dance in private and my feet do the best they can.

So here ya go. If you don't like rap or hip-hop music turn down the volume and just watch them dance. Don't be surprised if something starts twitching.

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