Friday, June 13, 2008

Lizz Wright on The Finally Friday Freakout

Too long of a day. I just wiped out two post with one finger. You live and you learn. Or not.
So here is the thing. I don't remember what I typed. I wiped out the original copy. It went something like Lizz Wright can sing to the heaven's and come back around again.

I also said something about how she is not played on many commercial radio station except for the so called smooth jazz stations. And not enough if you ask me. I am now taking the log out of my eye because I only hear those station when I am in a restaurant or elevator.

Anyway, this is her rendition of the Neil Young classic "Old Man".


  1. Wow. She's fantastic. Thank you. I'm going to buy some tunes now. Commercial radio - pfffft.
    I was down in LA for a couple of days in May for Pangea Day, and I was going to give you a shout if I got any time free - but I got none... :( Never mind - we'll be heading down the coast on a road trip sometime now that we're living on Vancouver Island. We're in the same time zone now - hell, we're practically neighbours!

  2. Standing invitation dude, let me know when you and or the family are in town and I'll lead you to the real Los Angeles.

    That reminds me, I gotta get my passport so I can make with the BC scene or wherever you landed.

  3. Hello there!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Feel welcome to return as much as you want and share with all of the sistas on empowerment and advancement of black women!

    Blow your trumpet girlfriend!

    Thanks for this video clip!! All I can say is: WOWWWWWWW!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  4. Picking up some Lizz Wright on iTunes because I heard her here!


  5. My pleasure. She bubbles just under the surface of fame.

    I wish the entertainment industry would stop trying to constrict talent and be open to those who don't need electronic filtering to sing.