Friday, June 27, 2008

The Intruders on The Finally Friday Freakout

Time pass in streams and sometimes I get confused between what has past and what is about to be. One of the local TV stations runs Get Smart and there is a new movie based on the TV show.

I use to pay 12 cents to read The Incredible Hulk and now I can pay $12.95 to see it on the big screen. Everything old is new again. Now I know some of you think that other group made this song famous but these were the folks that they "vocally honored."

These are The Intruders. I'm guessing by the style of clothes and the conk in the hair this might have been recorded around 1967-1968. SpindleRecords at YouTube explained that it was on a promotional reel distributed by a night club to local TV station.

So long before MTV there were promotional videos floating around. It may be possible that a lot of musical history is sitting in a video library waiting to be rediscovered.

So here we go, Big Sonny, Little Sony, Phil and Bird - The Intruders. Props and blessings.

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