Monday, June 30, 2008

CJA, ALA and Metro - What A Weekend

This past weekend I attended the Society of Processional Journalism's Citizen Journalism Academy and the American Library Association's convention in Anaheim, CA.


I have got stuff. Videos, photos and 15 pounds of paper. So over the next couple of weeks (yes, weeks!) I will be sharing and reflecting what I learned, didn't learn and how Metro aka MTA can affect where you can go and can't in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Yes, mass transit has an effect on personal enlightenment and professional development.


Well, that will take a bit of time to upload on account I have to return to the Salt Mine. Because I am my own generous sponsor. Thanks to SPJ, ALA, OCLC and the many kind folks that I have met this weekend and I promise I'll crank it out as fast as I can.

Oh, my Fourth of July weekend coming up.

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