Saturday, May 10, 2008

The DiVynls - The Finally Friday Freakout

Life and death. Then you got death. And then there is La Petit Morte. That is great if you have someone to help you get there and back.

Not everybody does. This is when you have to take matters into your own hands. For some this is a no brainier and for others they gotta jump over a half dozen cultural and religious hoops.

Yes, this is about solo sex because this is National Masturbation Month. Ten digits and one body. Yours. I recently wrote a post over at BlogHer about it. I was really trying to find educators and sexologists or just women folks that were writing honestly and non-salaciously about the topic.

All I initially came up with was a boat load of trolls and spammers. I know folks are out there writing about. If you are tuned into certain social networks you know about them. But what if you are not?

Anyway I asked the question where do you go if you want to know more about technique, fantasy, video, statistics. I got one, Literotica.

So I'm going to toss out a few more but this is not over.

Lemme see, if you can mix activism with pleasure we could all do our part by visiting Masturbation for Peace, and from the looks of things this could be a full time volunteer effort.

A women friendly store Babeland has toys for interested (adult) boys and girls. They have a sex information page and on one of those pages somebody asked the question of Rachel and Claire is there something more I could be doing? They also have a blog where they keep up with the doings in there neck of the woods.

Good Vibrations in San Francisco is the promoter of National Masturbation Month. They also have products, DVDs and other resources to help you motivate yourself in times of need.

You can start with Good Vibes Magazine which is a collection of fiction stories, real life journey and tips on what to do if you really want to do it.

Vibrator Museum is what it is a photo listing of how your dear grandma, great grandma and great, great grandma plugging into the infinite when there was a need for speed. Not all of the gizmo where electrical powers, check out the hand cranked devices.

Slate Magazine also has a text article on the History of the Vibrator. Good Vibrations also has photos and text on the Ancient techno wonders of pleasure.

We can't leave sexual representation just to the sleazy. What am I saying. I know I'm going to get x amount of friends of Beevis finding the need to respond.

So there you have it, a too brief listing of safe places to go and see. Oh, hey these are not safe for work. You do know that right? Keep that dude in Japan in mind 700,000+ hours watching whoo-ha at work. He wasn't fired, just demoted to working for $80 US a week.


  1. Truly one of the joys of life for both men and women of all ages! Let's all join in the festivities and celebrate this month!

  2. Lol, I didn't even know it was National Masturbation Month! I just wrote on the subject of sex tho' so I found it hilarious when I stumbled across your blog and saw your topic. If only this would get out to the public more.

    P.S. The link on my name is the blog where I wrote about sex, not my normal one.

  3. Ah, JT what is normal? Some like cucumbers, others like zukes.

    Sex helps keep a heart healthy huh? Cool. Or Hot. Whatever the thumper wants.

    Just a small pebble tossed in to fighting the puritanical gene that runs through our political and education systems.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I have self-pleasured since I was a child. I've written a book of erotic story-thingees called "Sippin' Chocolate" (as yet to be published). Everybody could do it but not everybody does.
    I was beat down when I was a very young girl for being discovered doing it. After being told I'd go to hell for it, I used to pray to God to forgive me before masturbating. I believe I got a mild case from m-ing at one point in my life. Glad to read this on a non-porno page.