Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chambers Brothers on The Finally Friday Freakout

On the mellow side of the freakout this week I'm going with The Chambers Brothers and People Get Ready. After the events in China and Burma I can't ring this gong hard enough.

Californians are you listening? I know you are concerned about how you are going to fill up that SUV or mini SUV but you might want to stock up on canned food and batteries. Lay in a supply of books cuz you will not be able to video game you way out of relief when our ticket gets punched for the earthquake express.

Over at the U.S. Geological Survey you can get a look all those magnitude 4.0+ and higher quakes that have been rumbling around the world. Guam got on the hit list, China is still having aftershocks after their 7.9 and Japan had one on May 2nd.

The Red Cross has information on emergency preparedness in case of an emergency. For you multimedia folks who don't want to read text you can view an animated movie on what to do at

The Los Angeles Fire Department has an online booklet on earthquake survival and preparations. And you certainly can go to the FEMA web page on being prepared.

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  1. Gena,

    Thanks for sharing important preparedness resources with your readers.

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