Sunday, May 04, 2008

Can't We All Get Along? MSM and Bloggers #973

So, there are some writers and journalists that really hate blogs? I'm shocked, shocked. I'm temporarily violating my promise of not writing about sports because I really don't know anything I could write or contribute about the topic.

I have never been invited to participate in sports and from all of the cultural messages I get professional and amateur sports has got no use for me either. Fair enough. But diss blogging? Now you are in my neck of the woods.

Look, I understand the guy's frustration. I hate going to crappy blogs. Just as I hate wasting money on crappy articles, newspapers and magazines that are "phone it in reporting" and inaccurate. But just as I would not hold his writing in judgment because of the letters to the editor he might received he shouldn't hold a blogger totally accountable for the trolls and anonymous posters who will say anything to get a rise out of someone.

Hey, they have phone screeners at talk radio stations, right? Isn't there a seven second delay on live television shows. So I should blame the shows for an occasional idiot who gets through?

In blogging as in print media there is a spectrum of publications. I don't buy the National Inquirer. Some folks do. I buy computer magazines, some folks don't. I don't lump all print media as being the same and I wish to hell that journalists/television news performers would learn to do the same.

Buzz, baby bust out of L7. Find you a sport person you trust that can lead you to the quality sports blogs that have good reporting, civil comments and a fair exchange between writers and participants.

Or stay off of the Internet, seriously. Don't stress yourself out and get all worked up over something you don't understand or respect. Stick with print, it's working for you, you seem to have a lot of readers who like your work.

Deep breaths. It is ok. For now.

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