Friday, April 25, 2008

Tom Browne on The Finally Friday Freakout

The Freakout is starting early today because I don't know when my system will be back 100%. There are performers I have never seen but have benefited from their talent. This week it is a great joy to share with you not an ordinary guy, Mr. Tom Browne and company with their tuneful rendition of Funking for Jamaica.

Ah technology. When it works you don't appreciate how good you have it until it goes wonky. My system has been wonky for weeks. So I gotta take Precious down to factory install and reload 1/3 of what I have. Like books I have acquired programs like a dogs got fleas.

I tried to nurse Precious back to health, do the right thing and next thing you know Kaspersky doesn't want to play with Firefox any more, none of my video editing programs work and well, here is the embarrassing part. I have a 250GB storage drive, maxed out. I go out and buy another external hard drive.

I can't decide between the 500GB and the 1 terabyte. I'm figuring, it is a sin for me to have a terabyte drive, I just need to clear out some junk. I'll never use the capacity of that sized drive. I go with the 500GB. It was cheaper and I couldn't have that much stuff.

Yeah, I maxed out the 500GB. Sigh. I am doing a system back up of just the essentials and then I'm wiping the sucker clean. I have all of the software and most of the serial numbers, I hope.

You should wipe your system clean at least twice a year to clear the gunk (if you have been doing regular back ups) You do back your stuff up once a week/month/whenever right? If not, go do it now. So happy cyber spring cleaning and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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