Friday, April 11, 2008

Once In A Lifetime - the Finally Friday Freakout

It is warm. The Santa Ana winds are gently blowing. Folks are driving crazy. Buses are breaking down, and the only thought most of us had was "I gotta get the hell out of here."

Not verbal but I can tell you the guy who rang me up at Trader Joe's was thinking it and doing a bad job of trying to hid it. I was not deterred. I had my bottle of Italian Blood Orange Soda. I missed this years crop of Blood Orange juice so I did what I had to do.

Talking Head's Once In a Lifetime on YouTube

Well, I gotta deal we the critter in the back yard. I think it is a possum. Possums are ugly and mean. Really ugly. I don't know how people got close enough to shoot them let alone eat them.

In California they have rights. If you call Animal Control they will not come get them no matter how "un-hygienic" there dropping might be to the environment.

I got two choices. Call a professional to remove him/her and relocate Possum to an alternative plane of existence. I don't wanna kill the creepy thing just have him do the biologicals elsewhere.

The other option is I can smell like a bear. Possums don't like the strong smell of Ammonia because it reminds them there are creatures bigger and hungrier than they are. I was told to douse towels and sheets with ammonia near the traffic area and this will discourage early morning visitations. Or the one going on now in late afternoon.

It worked last year. It is time for another treatment.

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