Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nokia (Cell Phone) Filmmaking Contest

If you have a cell phone that can shoot video you will want in on this. Watch the video below or boogie on over to David Howell's blog to get the straight skivvy.

David is a filmmaker and vlogger and a cool dude to have a burger with on Hollywood Blvd. So if you have a cell phone that shoots video (doesn't have to be a Nokia phone) and you are over 15 years of age you can participate.

In brief here is what you need to do: (from David's blog)

Contest Rules:

Videos must be 1 of 4 following themes,

1: Film an act of kindness.
2: Film the best part of today.
3: Film the next thing that makes you smile.
4: Film the next person to inspire you.

Videos must be no longer than 2 minutes in length.
Your video must be shot on a mobile device.
All videos must be uploaded to

All videos will be judged based on content, creativity and originality.

So as far as I'm concerned so long as you are not driving while mobile vlogging you ought to do this. Okay, that is my rule but I'm not running the contest. Use the force and make with the story!

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