Friday, April 18, 2008

The Animals Finally Friday Freak Out

Oh, my goodness what a week! This edition of the Finally Friday Freak Out is dedicated to Charlie and George who didn't have a clue as to what the American people wanted to know about the candidates running for office.

I will say this, they did succeed in pissing off both liberal and conservative voters. Yes, we gotta get out of this place. From 1965 The Animals!

I don't know who wrote those questions but I can pull up a hell of a lot better ones Now true these aren't seasoned journalists but I'll take a person asking questions about the budget, governmental transparency or plans for Iraq over which side you wear a flag on your lapel.

George, yeah I get it. There was a relationship with his former employer. What that wasn't taken into consideration as a possible reason NOT to have him sit on a debate panel I don't know.

Charlie, what the heck happened man? Didn't someone clue you into that speech Obama made a few weeks back? Did all the producers just nodded their heads when these questions came up for a vote? When did the journalism part kick into to review if the question matched up with what the American public wanted to know?

With people losing their jobs, homes and access to health care you want to link Obama to events that occurred during his childhood? How many people have you met that have done bad things and you sat across the table from them and smiled?

Folks don't ask me, ask De Newsman! I'm just a blogger so you shouldn't even be reading this. I am responsible for people not wanting to watch the network news or buying newspapers. So am I told.

I do know this. There is a point where folks will not accept crap. This is it. Folks are taking this election more seriously than I have ever experienced in my adult life.

Keep playing us stupid ok? Cuz when they flip the switch to digital in 2009 you do know your medium will under a transformation.

Oh, shoot, I wasn't supposed to tell. My bad.

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