Saturday, March 22, 2008

When Creativity and Politics Meet - Ron Paul Ad

I am not a supporter of Ron Paul. I am still making up my mind about who I will vote for in the election. But I do like to pay attention to how a candidates ideas are presented.

After viewing this ad/promotional video I have an understanding on his position on the war, the presidency and we are in a whole heap of trouble. It is simple, concise and put his voice out there.

It invokes the same resonance that the Obama video does; that is to engage the viewer in the vision of the candidate. There will be more of this to come.


  1. Why aren't you a supporter of Ron Paul? He was a thirty year record of doing what he says, sticking to his principles.

    Obama is a corrupt, media-created corporate tool that threatens to invade third world countries.

    The two are nothing alike.

  2. I did not compare Mr. Paul to Mr. Obama. I was referring to the use of video in politics by supporters and the campaigns themselves.

    If I wasn't a supporter of Ron Paul I should not have posted the video?
    How do we learn about the other if we do not step outside of our comfort zones?

    Do you only want to preach to the choir? As I have stated before, I have not selected a candidate to support for President. I will let folks know when I do.

  3. Indeed, thank you for posting, but please realize the frustration of 'anonymous'

    While our candidate has shown a proven track record of being pro middle class and pro america, he's been destroyed by the main stream media, ridiculed by the masses, and marginalized by many fakes, on both left and right.

    Obama, on the other hand, who has no track record, but is hailed as the second comming of christ by the establishment - this alone should raise a red flag (no pun intended) on just who obama is.

    That's why anonymous is frustrated, please forgive him, and thank you for posting this great video

  4. excellent blog, gena. glad to see (as you so succinctly put it) the non-choir appreciate the RP video.

  5. What I find interesting is when people, like yourself, state that Dr. Paul's statements, as in this highly creative vid, give you an understanding about his position on the war, the presidency and due to that understanding you recognize we are in a whole heap of trouble, yet with that recognition and understanding you are indecisive in your support.

    When someone, a politician for instance like Dr. Paul, makes extremely rational and logical statements which provide clarity and recognition of the situation in which this country finds itself the conclusion should be obvious that with such an understanding there are also answers and solutions to those issues and problems we face as a nation, as a people.

    Dr. Paul, in some of the most amazing clarity that I have seen in decades, especially on the political arena, offers this country numerous solutions that are definitive, substantial and extremely realistic in comparison to the highly skewed reality commonly seen in Washington.

    I can, without hesitation, say that if Dr. Paul is not elected in 2008 then by 2012 we will all wish he had been.

  6. Its very simply Ron Paul and liberty point of view.

    War is Government
    War is Taxes
    War is agression to individual and property rights.



    America was founded under ronpaulists principles.

    For me Obama is a left-neocon and W Bush a right-liberal/socialist.

    Only Ronpaublicans DONT mean big government at home and overseas (demopublicans=republicrats)

  7. Thanks for the kindness. I'm sure even you a NYPS (not yet a Paul supporter) is finally sick of bashing. Can't we debate real problems and issues and their solutions?

    Thanks for not laughing like many, who feel fit to do this when they hear Ron Paul's name. It's a very odd phenomenon, I've noticed even other PRESIDENTIAL candidates laughing at his points.

  8. Geez leave her alone. We can't force our candidate down anybody's throat and she said she better understands him now. I mean let's be honest here. If you simply compare the candidates left on the table, Obama really looks to be so much better than Hillary or McCain combined.

    Part of this problem is that the mainstream position is that you vote for the lesser of the evils, and that you vote for who has a chance to win. This might be mainstream but it is absolutely 100% false. Your individual vote does not determine who wins an election. Your vote is an endorsement of policies. Even if 500 other people think this way (this is also collectivist thought because people are individuals and will think their own way) your one single vote will still not matter. There is a greater chance that Ross Perot wins as a write-in than the election coming down to ONE vote where yours makes the difference.

    Think about the process it took us to become Ron Paul supporters. First we had to question the status quo, and read and read and read. We had to not just read the Constitution but KNOW it. We had to KNOW what liberty is and really means. We had to KNOW about austrian economics.

    WHo knows, maybe after reading some articles by Ron Paul over at Ms. Haskett might even become like us, not want to throw away her vote by voting for a lesser evil (still an evil), and would write-in Ron Paul too!

    I hope she starts with the issue of monetary policy and the gold standard of course since this is the biggest issue facing us today, the collapse of our currency.

  9. To the owner of this blog: thank you for posting this impressive video. I have almost no doubt that, had this been on the air 6 months ago, the GOP results would be vastly different.

    As for who you end up supporting: always remember that, in a pinch, none of the above is always an option. =P

  10. Wow! Thank you all for your responses. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I was covering the L.A. version of Pillow Fight 2008.

    Zylaha - Yeah, I know. How about my frustrations of living under 8 years of occupation by an illegal government? Each and every time I bring up that Dubya was not elected he was anointed by the Supreme Court eyes seem to roll and people tell me to get over it. I feel your pain about trying to present a viable alternative to RepDems.

    Republicae - Over at BlogHer I did an post on Critical Thinking skills and electing a candidate. Again, I took no stance on any candidate but I tried to outline a process of evaluating a candidate.
    This is a start but there is a hunger beyond electing a president in the land. Folks hearts are engaged.

    Libertarian - Okay.

    TheChicubs - No problem, we have to change how we listen to each other. We first have to start.

    Gold Standard - Tell you what, I'll take a look. I did so with the other three candidates so I should do so with RP as well. But folks I don't lean Libertarian. I may agree with some points but I might have trouble with others.

    Anon2 - Yes I could do that but I think in 2008 I need to step up and vote, it might wind up as a death by Diebold but the process needs all of us.

  11. Any man who returns the unused potion of his annual budget and ran his campaign with no debt, no corporate interests and with 5 plus mil. left in the bank! CASH!!!

    Now, who do you think we should trust my money with?

    Economic 101
    Class is now in session...

  12. Hey Gena, I'd like to think you said "Wow" because you were impressed by the depth of the responders to your post.

    Welcome Gena, to the people that tell you the truth, people like Republicae, whose posts are unfailingly profound wherever I have found them, and many others too.

    I think that statism is totally evil, and it has a hold on every aspect of our society. There are precious few who really fight statism. Ron Paul is such a person, and none of the other candidates are.

    It's just that simple. You could look it up.

  13. Gena,
    Thank you for taking a look at this beautiful video of Ron Paul and for posting it. The message it contains is a good place to start learning what Ron Paul is all about.

    I believe that Ron Paul is a rare breed -- a politician who is sincere, kind, speaks only the truth, has ethics and morals, as well as a brilliant grasp on economy and foreign affairs, and a 30-year record that speaks for itself.

    I hope once you do some research on Ron Paul that you will become a supporter; he really is our last chance and the only hope for America.

  14. Thanks Blakmira. Just a quick comment. I never hold one person as my or America's last chance.

    It is our collective efforts working toward positive change that will make the invisible into being.

    It is our current engagement with the process that has got all the pundits scrambling for base level discourse.

    Folks are demanding much more than that and that is happening across the political spectrum.