Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Million Dollars Without The Music Company or RIAA Having Boo To Say About It

I wake up. I'm feeling good cuz I had a full night sleep. I check my RSS fees for the latest action. I'm reading AppScout and not only is Virgin Mobile Canada exploiting the Spitzer situation but there are people who paid 98 cents to hear his fee for services bed partner "sing."

With her vocal chords. You can sing with other parts of you body but yeah; Two million people. She gets 70% of the total profit.

Me, I want to know exactly how much. So after I found out what is 70% of .98 cents I did the calculations and then cyphered up 0.686*2,000,000 downloads = $1,372,000. In the spirit of one of the classic video bloggers of all time Drinking With Bob I quote, "Are You Freaking Kidding Me"?

Now I'm not hating on her original choice of career. I'm all for it. If the market place wants to pony up pennies to hear what her mouth is doing when it is unoccupied with her other professional duties so be it. I just hope the girl opens a ING account.

Here is the other story being ignored. Besides banks violating your financial privacy and turning information over to the Feds.

Anybody with promotion, not talent can make money quickly independent of the recording companies. A chunk of cash. Over a million dollars worth of cash. No manager, no agent, no A/R or accounting or bookkeeping malfunctions.

Just a bit to the online distributor and the bulk of the cash to the performer. I've been saying this for years. I've been waiting for folks to catch on but I didn't think the example would come quite this way.

Viva la independence and keep those dental dams and condoms handy. Seriously, I give her major props for insisting on protecting herself. If any good comes out this it will be an increase in condom sales by those in the business and those of us just trying to get busy.

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