Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oprah's Obama UCLA Rally Video

I wasn't planning to post this video of Oprah. But I listened again and I heard something different.

I hadn't heard this aspect of her voice before. She was testifying. For those of you safely outside the realm of church in this instance testifying means she is affirming her truth and her faith in belief that Barack Obama would make a great president.

Oprah also did something else. She affirmed that she is a free woman. I thought about this for a moment. Didn't she get the memo during Black History Week back in the day? That Emancipation Proclamation and two year later Juneteenth? I think she was talking about something else. The freedom from preconceived expectations from friends and relations.

Choice. The ability to choose without restraint. In this clip from the UCLA Rally Oprah talks about how she is free from the boundaries of race and gender to choose who she feels is the best candidate for president.

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